End of the Line

You press the blade of the knife against your neck, You would be better off dead, You’re a freak and a monster; your family wont love you, your friends will leave you, your whole life will be spent in fear and embarrassment, But it doesn’t matter, you can make it through; Just laugh it off and hide behind a mask, Hide the thoughts, Hide the pain; Hide the agony and jealousy you face every day, you walk alone, there is nobody for you; even if it seems like there is, it’s just a lie, behind the smiles, behind the indifference, they want to fuck you or kill you, they think you’re an object, that you’re not real, there is nothing else, you didn’t choose this… Because if there were a choice you would take it back in a second.

You stare into the mirror, the eyes gazing back at you are questioning, shocked, scared, they don’t understand. Your face is pale, your chest is pounding. Should you do this? There is no coming back from this; No second chances,

You drop the Knife. You fall to the floor; You cover your face with your hands.

A single white tear drips out of your eyes.



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