I am a recent graduate of Emmanuel College and I have a degree in English Communications and Media with Minors in Graphic Design and Performing Arts. I am pursuing a future career in Marketing/Sales  with a focus on the evolving Tech industry and virtual reality.

Over my four years at Emmanuel, I have learned excessive time management skills, as well as excellent customer service. I have worked in numerous internships ranging from sales analysis and marketing campaigns, to Video production and web development. I have also gained tremendous Customer service skills from working at my part time job in retail, and I am currently one of the best TJX Credit Card salesmen in the region of Boston. I developed a strategy to get a majority of people to sign up for credit cards.

I have worked on numerous video campaigns, web development, intensive graphic design projects, and freelance marketing work.

Portfolio- https://jamiecportfolio.wordpress.com/about/

Vimeo- https://vimeo.com/jamiecrisman

Writers Blog- https://crismanjblog.wordpress.com/

Monster- http://beknown.com/jamiecrisman


Thank you!


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